Virtual Support Groups

Free MomsWell Virtual Support Groups
for Expecting & New Moms

MomsWell Virtual Support Groups are moderated by a team of postpartum advocates who have come together to help YOU – the new or expecting mom  who may be currently suffering from a perinatal mood disorder, like depression or anxiety; or a mom who is simply scared and stressed in times like these. Our peer-to-peer virtual support groups bring moms together on a Zoom call with our leaders – most of whom are survivors of postpartum depression or anxiety themselves. 


On the call, you’ll have the chance to talk, listen, discover coping techniques, and develop a mindfulness practice – all with the support of other moms just like you. It’s free to join – just tap to register.

Wed, 2PM EST/11AM PST en Español
Thurs, 6PM EST/3PM PST

Meet Your Facilitators

Naomi Rosenkranz

Naomi is an experienced support group leader and clinician working with children and families.

Ana is an expert and experienced therapist working with pregnant and postpartum mothers.

Cynthia is a Licensed  Marriage and Family Therapist with a decade of experience working with children, adults and families of multicultural backgrounds.

Maureen is an expert with shared experience and a seasoned peer support coordinator supporting pregnant and new moms.

MomsWell also offers free Virtual Prenatal Yoga  classes you can watch anytime.

Other Virtual Support Groups Available

Can’t make it to a group above? We understand! Here’s other virtual support groups available at different times. 

Free Virtual Support Groups

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The MOM Support Group
Postpartum Support Online Support Group
INSPIRE Peer Online Support Group
Virtual Support for NICU Families

MomsWell Virtual Support Groups FAQ

What’s a Virtual Support Group?

Virtual Support Groups were designed for for new moms that don’t have the time or resources to attend support groups in person – we meet virtually through a Zoom link. Support groups are lead by trained facilitators who bring with them resources, strategies and real life experiences in each of the specialized areas. 


What happens during a Virtual Support Group? 

At the beginning of group, the moderator will check in with all group members, opening discussion and will determine weekly topics.

All group leaders have resources, training, strategies and real life experiences.


Who should attend a Virtual Support Group?

All Virtual Support Groups are presently for expecting moms and women who have given birth within the past year. 


When do Groups meet?

MomsWell Virtual Support Groups meet every:

Wednesday at 2PM EST/ 11AM PST in Spanish

Thursday at 6PM/ 3PM PST

Friday at 11AM/ 8AM PST


What are the technical requirements?

These meeting happen through a ZOOM link provided prior to the class (usually that same day) by the facilitator. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection for class.


How many people will be in the Group?

There is a limit of 10 people for each group, however sometimes it may be less.

 **Virtual support groups are not a substitute for care you may need from a licensed healthcare practitioner. Their purpose is to provide peer support and self-help education. Facilitators of the group offer peer to peer support ONLY, as we are not behavioral health specialists. We do not diagnose or treat any medical or psychological condition and we encourage each member to consult with their own healthcare provider for individual advice regarding their specific situation. Remember to keep in mind that medication is not a one size fits all solution. While we welcome you to share what you are taking (if anything) and your personal experience with it, please refrain from giving medical advice to others.  Group Guidelines**