Group Guidelines

Virtual Support Group Guidelines

1. The group is here to support moms specifically suffering from prenatal and postpartum mood disorders and also pregnant Moms. We care about ALL moms but cannot meet their needs beyond the postpartum period. Continued care may be necessary for some moms. If continued care is needed, we have a list of healthcare providers available.

2. Confidentiality – Who is seen here and what is said here, STAYS HERE. If there is a safety concern, there are resources available.

3. Please be brief when sharing – one person speaking at a time.

4. You do not have to share. Please just give us your name and say, “Pass.”

5. We respect and are mindful of our differences. Everyone’s opinion matters and is important. 

6. Please avoid the following:
     a. Judgmental statements like, “I would NEVER.” Your never maybe be someone’s current necessity.
     b. “YOU” statements. Please use “I” instead.
     c. “I was just like that too.” Each experience is unique and while we may have similarities, allow members to share their own situation.
     d. Please avoid using the word “SHOULD.” Every mom has their own parenting style.

7. New members, latecomers, and all others will be welcomed and accepted.