Your Complete

Maternal Mental Health
Care Solution


Why MomsWell


MomsWell is a comprehensive maternal mental health care system that supports the clinical decision-making providers need to identify, educate and support patients with complications, like postpartum depression. For at-risk patients, MomsWell provides a lifeline as they navigate towards recovery providing access to care through tailored digital referrals, free brief care coordination, and ongoing support. MomsWell helps you deliver a higher level of care to your patients, and can provide additional revenue opportunities.

Save Time and Generate Income

  • Saves valuable time by improving office workflow and efficiency.

  • Comprehensive reports document score, actions, and Care Plan, and can be easily integrated into EMR.

  • Billable insurance codes may help you generate income, where applicable, for screening and referring.

Easily Exceed Patient Expectations
while Delivering the Standard of Care

  • Discreet, HIPAA compliant, patient-driven screens.

  • Uses easy to understand language that briefly educates the patient every time they screen.

  • Available in both English and Spanish.

Improve Patient Outcomes

  • MomsWell is committed to improving patient outcomes through technology by conveniently connecting your at-risk patients to the support they need, when they need it the most.

  • Free MomsWell Care Coordinator available to every at-risk patient to help her connect with local resources.

  • Patients instantly receive digital referrals and multiple local, national, and online resources that can be conveniently accessed anytime.


MomsWell Goes Beyond the Screen

MomsWell’s software + service platform will help save you time and money while increasing patient satisfaction by providing access to care for at-risk patients.

  • Discreet screening on patient’s mobile device
  • Instant scoring and delivery to the provider
  • Access to a free MomsWell Care Coordinator who helps patients access local care to improve health outcomes
  • Multiple referrals to local, national, and online resources digitally sent to patient
  • Billable code for screening reimbursement *from insurance plans where applicable
  • Medical billing support